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How Is It Summer Already!?

Hi. Let's talk about summer, shall we? Some of you are already in it. (What's up, guys?) And some of you, like us, are just about there.

And, perhaps, some of you are also like us in that you haven't planned a single thing for your kids yet.

Well, that's not entirely true. The littles are in preschool for the summer so they're good to go. The big kids are another story, though. We have booked only one week of theater camp so that means we have nine weeks of open-ended plans. (Give or take a few trips we are planning.)

The situation was similar last summer, although not this bad. We had half of the summer booked with camp by now.

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I get incredibly anxious making plans in any capacity, especially when it comes to sign-ups for camp. I'm more of a day-before, "panic attack at the last minute" type.

The thing is, I like keeping options open. Maybe we'll head to San Diego for the week, or take an impromptu day trip to Joshua Tree. Or ... I don't know. You know?

The other thing—and this is the bigger issue—is that camp is not cheap, and frankly, we cannot afford to put kids in camp full-time (or even part-time) this summer. Not with preschool tuition and life being life-ish. So, improvisation it is. Less money, mo' improv.

Unfortunately, I still have to work (like, a lot), which makes everything a little tricky. So, my plan is to take it all day by day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute.

My plan is to take two days off during the week for local adventures and work the other three days. (And just work harder, faster?) And on the days I am unavailable for adventures, the big kids will just have to build their own at home while I work. And that's OK, too. Boredom is where creativity flourishes, after all, and it's OK for kids to find a way to build their own adventures out of Legos, forts and time.

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For example, last summer I bought a bunch of paints and was like, "GO PAINT OUTSIDE! Paint the fence! Paint a chair! Paint the sidewalk! Paint whatever!" And that ended up being a summer-long go-to. Honestly? Paint, markers, tape and Legos are kind of everything one really needs for at-home summer camp. Oh, and maybe some extra blankets for fort-building. And books. BOOKS AND BOOKS AND BOOKS. Lots of sidewalk chalk. And stuff to glue to other stuff. (These SEEDLING kits are really amazing. My kids love them a lot and so do I.)

And let's be real—some good old-fashioned Netflix never hurt anyone. I started putting together a list of more movies I want to introduce the big kids to this summer. Like "Encino Man," for example. That's the end of the list so far. I just happened to think about how much I loved "Encino Man" last night. (Clearly I am on some kind of nostalgic movie kick these days.)

Anyway, we have options.

Sort of.

I don't know.

Day by day.


What about you guys? Do you put your kids in camp all summer? For the parents out there who work from home, I would love to hear how you navigate your summers. Less work? More childcare? How do you swing it?

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