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Why I’m Keeping My Kids Home for the Summer

It's officially summer vacation! To be honest, I have been a little apprehensive in the weeks leading up to summer. I have wondered what I'll do with my kids all day long and considered sending them to summer camp for a break. But once the school year ended I made the decision to keep the kids home with me for the whole summer. That's right, the whole. summer.

Why would I do such a crazy thing? Here's the thing—I have a feeling that my days as a stay-at-home mom are numbered. This could very well be our last summer together. Perhaps next summer I will have no choice but to put the kids in camp so that I can work. I have to make Summer 2015 count!

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Lately I have been absolutely floored with how quickly my kids are growing up. I've never been overly sentimental about my kids getting older. I look forward to birthdays and milestones. I love seeing my kids master potty-training and speaking in full sentences and dressing themselves. It's amazing and wonderful. It's also a little alarming. My whole life has been about mothering babies and toddlers, but those days are quickly passing.

I want to really enjoy and cherish the last bit of these little years. I feel like by next year my kids will practically be grown adults (I may have a penchant for exaggeration.) I want to make sure that this summer is full of fun. Instead of spending money on camp, I want to spend money on trips to the zoo and the water park. I want to spend our days playing and swimming and watching movies. I want to be together.

I'm looking forward to days spent in pajamas watching movies, coloring, playing with Legos.

I'm sure we will have moments throughout the coming months when we are ready for a break from each other. I thrive on structure and the carefree summer days are a bit scary for me. Likewise, my son seems to do very well with structure and routine. He likes having a plan for the day—having something to do and somewhere to go. I signed them up for a weekly swim class and we always participate in story time at the library. I'm looking forward to other weekly activities that we can count on to get us out of the house. I'm actually pretty excited about it and told my husband that our kids would be attending "Camp Mom" (yes, I also have a penchant for nerdiness.) There are countless events and activities happening all over our city that we can enjoy. Many of them are free, which makes them even more enjoyable.

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It's not just the fun activities we're looking forward to though, there's also the slower pace. I'm looking forward to days spent in pajamas watching movies, coloring, playing with Legos. It will be nice not to have to rush off to school or camp in the morning. We can take it easy, wake up slowly, and simply enjoy our home and each other.

I know that someday my kids will be begging to go to summer camp or to hang out with their friends. But this summer, they're glad to be with their mama and I'm glad to be with them.

Image via Kristel Acevedo

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