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Never, Ever Yell at Someone Else's Kid

Imagine you're at an eatery with your 2-year-old who won't stop crying when all of a sudden the owner of the establishment begins yelling at your little one.

That's exactly what happened to a family in Maine and diner owner, Darla Neugebauer decided to do something about it.

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"I slammed my hands on the counter and said this needs to stop," Neugebauer recounts the incident.

She goes on to explain that she asked the parents to remove the child from the diner prior to the outburst. When the parents did nothing, Neugebauer chose to take matters into her own hands when the tot continued to cry.

According to Neugebauer, the mother asked, "Are you screaming at a child?"

"Yes, I am" she responded.

This story has gone viral across the web with mixed reactions. Some people feel that the diner owner had every right to scream at the child, while others think she was a bit harsh.

No one has the right to yell at someone else's child no matter the circumstances.

I am a mom of two and I've had my fair share of meltdowns at restaurants. So, I completely understand the parents' position. The reality is you don't always have complete control over how your child behaves.

While I understand that it's frustrating to hear a child screaming, no one has the right to yell at someone else's child no matter the circumstances.

In a separate interview, the toddler's mom claimed that they weren't able to take their child outside because it was raining.

Whenever our children throw a fit in a public place, my husband and I remove them from the situation. I couldn't care less if it's raining or not. Sometimes it's best to give kids a time out. At almost 2 years old, my son has his moments and taking him to the bathroom or for a walk usually does the trick.

Here are some other useful tips to keep your child from having a major meltdown in public.

  1. Keep them entertained. We usually bring toys and electronics to keep the kids busy.

  2. Bribery. Whenever our son goes nuts, bribing him with pudding works every time.

  3. Make them laugh. Laughter is the best cure for tantrums, so why not turn that frown upside down? Our son had another one of screaming fits the other day, and I was able to calm him down by making silly faces and tickling him.

I'm not an advocate for yelling at someone's child, but I do believe that parents should do whatever they can to calm their kids down in public.

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As for Neugebauer, she says she may have used poor judgement but has no regrets.

What would you do if someone yells at your child in public? How do you calm an upset child?

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