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The Worst Types of People on the Internet

Photograph by Twenty20

Want to know what text I send to my husband on a weekly basis?

"People are the worst."

Why? Because I've gone and done it again. I've read the freaking comments.

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time online. For the most part, I really enjoy this job. I'm glad I get to work from home. I'm happy to interact with people on the Internet. Best of all, I'm so thankful for some of the relationships I've formed over the years because of blogging.

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But let me tell you something, some people on the Internet are really the worst. I'm not sure where they live or if they behave in real life like they do online, but they are vile and vicious and quite frankly, it's scary raising children in a world where these kinds of people exist.


I know you will though. At least part of the time. And I hope that you'll be on the side of the aisle where we're all shaking our heads and longing for a better world. If not, you might be one of these worst types of people on the Internet:

1. Haters - People who hate blacks, gays, women, breastfeeding, fat people, etc. Sadly, I see lots of hateful/racist/sexist/offensive comments and posts and it just breaks my heart. It's one thing to believe those things. It's quite another to post it for all the world to see.

2. Class Clowns - People who take "BIG NEWS" and reduce it to nothing. Making memes about the death of Cecil the Lion, making fun of Caitlyn Jenner, joking during a moment of racial tension, etc.

3. Parents Who Are Always Right - People who always say, "Well I did THIS and MY kid turned out all right." News flash: there are lots of good ways to be a parent. Just because someone does something different than you, doesn't mean you have to call attention to it.

4. Lazy People - You know, the ones who leave a comment like, "I didn't read the post but..."

5. The "Carpe Diem"-ers - Tell me you don't have a person in your newsfeed who only posts inspirational quotes and motivational videos to seize the day.

6. The People Who Have Never Heard of Pinterest - So instead, they share every recipe, DIY, and project idea on their Facebook page.

7. The Taggers - People who tag everyone they know in a post about a great deal on Ray-Bans or Nikes.

8. Gamers - Send me one more request for Candy Crush or Farmville and I will block you!

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9. The "Like"-ers - You know, the people that you barely know that insist on "liking" every photo, article, and status update you post.

10. The People Who Blow Things Completely Out of Proportion - For instance, on a post about the recent gender signs switch at Target, one commenter suggested that babies be stripped of their genitalia so that they "can be sexless like society wants them to be." OH MY GOD.

Moral of the story: Don't be a jerk. Don't be heartless. Don't be the worst. Share moderately and be a decent person for crying out loud. And most importantly, DON'T READ THE COMMENTS!

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