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I Don’t Want to Talk About My Kids All The Time

I remember being childless —it really wasn't that long ago, yet it feels like a lifetime. And now that most of my friend have kids when we're together we can't stop talking about all things kid-related. For the most part I don't mind too much, but being a stay-at-home mom and a "mommy blogger" of sorts, I grow tired of talking about my children all the time. I'm also sensitive to the fact that there are a few girls in our group who don't have kids and they must really get tired hearing about leaky boobs, childbirth, temper tantrums, and schooling options.

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So I try, I really do. I try to talk about other subjects, but sometimes it's hard to switch modes in my brain. I'll be standing around with a group of childless friends and my mind just goes blank. I don't mean to talk about my kids, but then they ask, "How's it going?" My mind races and I try to think of something to say, anything, but I end up blurting out, "Well, Isabel woke up twice last night, I think she's getting a cold. Liam is so excited to start school soon, but we're having a hard time disciplining him lately. But they're all good, so I really can't complain." They will politely ask follow-up questions and then we end up having a whole conversation about my kids.


I know there are other things going on in the world. Presidential elections are getting started, social issues are plaguing the country, new movies are out in the theaters, and there are tons of thought-provoking books, but my kids are always at the forefront of my mind. I spend my days caring for them, I spend my work time writing about them, I spend my personal time worrying about their development.

I'm a mom. It may not be all that I am, but it's a huge chunk of who I am. I can't help but think of my children constantly.

I'm a mom. It may not be all that I am, but it's a huge chunk of who I am. I can't help but think of my children constantly. At this point in life they are my world. As the old saying goes, they are my heart walking around outside my body.

I look at them and I'm entranced with every cute phrase that escapes their lips. I'm in awe with each new skill they master. I want to tell the world how much I love them and how proud I am to be their mother. Motherhood changed me.

I don't take the responsibility of raising these kids lightly. So I'm always thinking about how I can be the best mom possible. But I do need a break. I do need to think about and discuss other things. And I'm sure the people around me could use a break too. I certainly don't want to be that annoying mom always doting on her kids. I don't want people thinking they can't relate to me because all I talk about is motherhood.

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I'm sure it won't always be this way. As my kids grow older and more independent I'll have more time to think about more than just nap schedules and cut-up fruit. I'll have more free time to ponder world events and whatnot. I just hope that by the time that comes around I won't forget how to have proper conversations with other grown adults.

In the meantime, have patience with me, dear friends, and tell me to cool it if you need to talk about something besides my adorable children.

Photograph by: Kristel Acevedo

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