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Common Potty Training Myths

One of the biggest celebrated milestones for parents is potty training. Many can agree that it's stressful and exhausting at first. But it's a huge accomplishment when your child finally pees and poops on the throne instead of a diaper. There are some challenges with potty training. However, it's really not as difficult as people make it out to be.

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Both of our children were potty trained at 24 months old. We would often get comments like, "He's potty trained already?" Meanwhile they're having difficulties getting their almost 4-year-old to ditch the training pants completely.

What makes it so tough are the tales that people often tell. Here are three common potty training myths.

1.Your child will potty train when he is ready

That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. I honestly think that's just an excuse parents give when they themselves are not ready to deal with accidents. While I do understand that some kids may be developmentally delayed and have difficulties, I do feel many children are capable of using the potty before they reach the age of 2.

We are teaching our kids to do something that is a very important part of life. It's no different from introducing a child to the binky, breast or bottle. Kids are smart and resilient. It may take them a little while to get the hang of it, but eventually they will master it.

2. Daycare will potty train for us

Not necessarily. Some places require already potty trained kids prior to being allowed into the program. Also, teachers may not potty train your child unless you request it.

It's important for you as a parent to do the heavy lifting. For my husband and I, that meant taking days off from work to devote time to toilet train. I also put a plan in place and got everyone, including the daycare, on board. Putting a routine in place is great for your kids and everyone involved.

3. Boys are harder to potty train than girls

As I've learned, this couldn't be further from the truth. Taking my son to the public restroom was a lot harder at first. He was also messier than my daughter, but he had it down pat a little sooner than she did. Some toddlers are harder to train than others. But I don't believe it has anything to do with gender. When it comes down to it, it's all about the individual child.

4. Training pants will help with potty training

I actually believe that they make it harder for the child. I think training pants are more beneficial for the parents than the kids. If a child has an accident, it's convenient for the parents to change the diaper without have to deal with a mess. But it also provides a safety net for the child as well.

We actually ditched the diapers once we began potty training. I'll admit things got a bit filthy at times. There were moments when I wanted to pull my hair out, but the end result was worth it. Both of our kids were potty trained in five days of less.

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There's no doubt that potty training is tough. But don't let these myths stop you from teaching your kid to sit on the throne. Just go for it! You'll be surprised at how quickly your little one will pick it up.

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