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19 Things Toddlers Love That Parents Loathe

Photograph by Getty Images

One of the fun things about life with a toddler is getting the chance to see your kid discover their interests. Of course you knew they'd love sugar and obsess over the contents of your purse and insist on wearing that Mickey Mouse shirt every day, but toddlerhood is when they become really passionate (read: demand, cry over, throw tantrums) about the things they love. Problem is, some of those things aren't exactly our favorites.

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1. Doing their own stunts

How many times has your heart stopped today?

2. Balloons

Balloons are magical, a celebration on a string and at times a disaster waiting to happen. Kids love the free balloon many stores give out, but with free balloons come much responsibility for us parents. In order to avoid an epic toddler meltdown, we are charged with the impossible task of making sure the balloon survives, even though so many terrible things can (and will) happen to it.

3. Mornings

Mornings definitely aren't my strong suit but my toddler seems to like them.

4. People who offer them candy

A special thanks to all the people who offer my little one candy by showing her the candy. (But a sincere thank you for those who ask me without my toddler knowing first—clearly you've been there.)

5. Target's dollar section

I'm over it, mostly because I can't make it into the store without stopping here. And with so many shiny, sparkly things it is so hard to pick just one.

6. Using their fingers to eat

At this age every food is finger food. Even spaghetti.

7. Legos

Our current version of Legos are these mini plastic unicorns we bought at Target (yup, dollar section). Stepping on one of those hurts almost as bad as a Lego.

8. When fries make an appearance next to broccoli on the children's menu

Here's the thing, if they see fries then they are likely not going to want the more healthy alternative. But the bigger issue at hand is, if they get the fries, you're going to have to help them eat the fries.

9. Syrup

With both my littles I gave them pancakes plain. But one day a well-meaning family member introduced them to syrup. And on days my toddler isn't sure if her food tastes better when eaten with utensils or her fingers, things can get a little sticky.

10. "Caillou"

Enough said.

11. Chuck E. Cheese or any cleverly named indoor play place

In addition to an all-you-can-eat salad bar, you can help yourself to the plethora of germs just waiting for you and your kid—for free. Sorry, but we can't do the ball pit.

12. Stickers

OK, truth be told I kind of dig stickers, but not on walls, furniture or my rear. The notion that stickers are for paper doesn't quite stick.

13. Ice cream trucks

Just kidding! I love them, unless I'm all out of cash.

14. Sandboxes

Even in parks with wood chips or rubber, these large trays resembling kitty litter have yet to be phased out. Why? Because kids love them. They also love bringing home sand in their shoes, dumping it in their hair (or their friend's hair, sorry parents of friend) and for those with a more refined palate, snacking on it.

15. Standing puddles of water

Do not walk in that water. I repeat, do not walk in that water. (Note to self: Pack extra shoes in the car.)

16. Pacifiers

For those of us who used pacifiers and still haven't managed to full wean (mine uses hers to fall asleep at night) we might question our decision on occasion—mostly when all your toddler wants is the binky and you can't find a single one.

17. Goody bags

A.k.a. the origin of all that stuff you keep finding wedged in between their car seat and on the floor of your car.

18. Whining

So many words. No need (or desire) to use them.

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19. Repetition

Is it just me or have you been listening to the same song in your car for weeks? Kiddos crave repetition. While it may be hard to believe now, one day we will give anything to read "Good Night Moon" for the 100,367,001st time.

This is the shortlist by the way. And still, I wouldn't change life with a toddler for a thing.

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