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10 Toddlerisms I Refuse to Correct

Photograph by Twenty20

We constantly tell our kids to speak properly, but a few misnomers are just too cute to correct. Every family has at least a few words and phrases only immediate household residents understand.

Here are a few of our family's favorites:

1. Bucci

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When we tried to get the twins excited for the new booster seats that were coming in the mail, little did we know that the word would take on an Italian flair. If you join us for a meal, there's a good chance you'll hear us tell the kids to "Go sit in your Bucci."

2. Chobani

When my Aunt Bonnie made a Facetime call to check in with the twins one afternoon, little did she know she'd pick up a nickname that's synonymous with a super-creamy brand of Greek yogurt.

3. Take to the subway

After our first train ride into the city, the twins were fascinated by the MTA. "Mama, can we take to the subway?" my son always asks, making it sound like we're radicals at the ready to storm the F train.

4. Eyes rubbering

"You must be tired, you're rubbing your eyes," we've said to the twins on many occasions. Which naturally turned into, "My eyes are rubbering," which is a fantastic and appropriate end-of-the-day image.

5. Squeakers

Pointing out pictures in the book "Big Little," I asked the twins what the small animals were on the "little" page opposite the elephant. "Squeakers!" my son said emphatically, and that's been our name for mice ever since.

6. Go see rides

I love the twins' requests to "go see" their favorite destination (as in, "Can we go see rides?"). There it is children, see it? OK, we can go now.

7. Moat

Depending on your point of view, it's either a body of water under the drawbridge of a castle or the thing you change the channel with (which, incidentily, both of them know how to work).

8. Birthday cake

When asked what his favorite food is, my son answered, "Birthday cake!" I like that, to him, that's a specific kind of cake. Actually, shouldn't it be a whole food group?

9. My butt has a crack in it

When my husband told the twins he had to wipe their butt cracks, this became a cause for concern. "Dada! My butt has a crack in it." It's a harrowing thought for a little one to wrap his or her mind around, which is why it's so awesome.

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10. Bee-boos

This one was actually from my niece, and it's a ridiculously cool-sounding inversion of the slang term for what's inside mommy's bra. (Seriously, we should all start using this one.)

What's in your family's secret vocabulary?

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