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6 Things That Make You a Grown-Up According to My Preschooler

Kids say the darnedest things, don't they? My four-year-old son, Liam, has me cracking up all day long. Lately he seems to be really excited about growing up. He can't wait to be a man "like papi." Many of the conversations we have these days involve all the things that he will get to do when he's a grown-up and how at the ripe old age of four he is already exhibiting many grown-up attributes.

Here are just a few things that make you a grown-up, according to my four-year-old son.

1. Cracking eggs. My son enjoys helping out in the kitchen. I try my best to let him participate but I usually reserve any egg-cracking for me. No one wants goopy eggs all over the counter or shells in the pancake mix. He tells me, "When I'm a grown up I'm going to crack the eggs!" He's really excited about it.

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2. Hairy legs. The other day Liam showed me his legs and said, "Look! I have hair on my legs! That means I'm becoming a grown-up!" Truth be told you would need a magnifying glass to see the peach fuzz that's beginning to show, but I'm not about to rain on his parade.

3. Helping babies. My son is truly a sweet boy. He loves babies. My sister has a three-month-old and whenever she's around my son softly pats her head and kisses her cheeks. Most of the time when I ask him what he wants to do when he grows up he tells me he wants to "help babies." Yep, my Mama heart just melts.

In Liam's eyes being in charge is the best thing ever.

4. Driving cars. Boys and their cars, it's a love affair. Liam has convinced himself that he is a fabulous driver. In fact, he will often chime in from the back seat with critiques on my own driving abilities. He wants to make sure I don't go too fast or run into other cars (as if I would do that deliberately), and reminds me not to look at my phone. He's quite eager to get behind the wheel himself… when he's a grown-up.

5. Getting juice. I don't know about your kids, but mine are all about juice. Their eyes get wide and they cheer and jump up and down when I say they can have some. We keep it on the highest shelf in the refrigerator so only the grown-ups can "get juice." I'm sure Liam thinks that he will be able to drink all the juice he wants when he's a grown-up and can actually reach it.

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6. Being in charge. Isn't this the most important part about being a grown-up? We get to call the shots. We dictate meals, bedtime, clean-up time. We say when it's time to turn the TV off and take a bath. We dole out the discipline when needed. In Liam's eyes being in charge is the best thing ever. Of course, he doesn't realize being in charge also means working to make money to pay the bills, budgeting expenses, keeping everyone safe and healthy, and generally being stressed out about all the responsibilities piled on top of you. He'll get it one day. In the mean time I hope he enjoys just being a kid. He'll have plenty of time to be a grown-up later on in life.

Photograph by: Kristel Acevedo

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