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Would You Ever Try This Vibrating Bra?

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One of the best parts about nursing, especially for smaller-chested ladies such as myself, is the sudden boost in cleavage. After years and years of having the physique of a teenage girl, suddenly you feel like a for real-woman. You make trip after trip to the lingerie store and ask to be measured again, because you just can't believe that you get to buy a cup size that is two bigger than you've ever owned.

But, as all fairytales come to an end eventually, you stop nursing your little one and your new bras soon become a little too roomy. Adding insult to injury, as your shrinking breasts deflate you are left with, at best, a little sagging or, at worst, the dreaded pancake boobs. It's an unfortunate chain of events and some women choose to pursue breast augmentation to remedy the effects of breastfeeding. But seriously, who has the money for that?

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Enter the E Bra. Created by a man for his girlfriend (shocker!) this vibrating bra is supposedly able to increase breast size by a full cup in a week. The invention has been tested on a few women who are singing its praises, but the clinical testing results will paint a better picture.

I haven't been able to find any information on exactly how this bra would accomplish what it's claiming to do, but if some random person on the Internet says it works, then who am I to question it?

I find it hard to believe that permanent breast augmentation could possibly be as easy as jiggling your boobs around 15 minutes a day for a week.

I can't help but think of those machines they used to have where a belt would wrap around your back and just jiggle your whole body. (Skip to the :45 mark to see what I'm talking about.) It was supposed to help you lose weight, but maybe it did the exact opposite!

I find it hard to believe that permanent breast augmentation could possibly be as easy as jiggling your boobs around 15 minutes a day for a week. But if it is, you'd better believe I will invest in that stock, stat!

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Will this revolutionize the lingerie industry and cause surgical breast augmentation to become obsolete? That remains to be seen. And even if this product does pass clinical trials and makes it to the market, how many women would actually use it? If this jiggle therapy is something that you have to continue doing for the rest of your life, I highly doubt that women will take the time, effort and possible discomfort to continue use of such a product. Or, maybe it will become like leg shaving. Maybe we will hop out of the shower, don our vibrating bras and wear them while we put our makeup on.

I think I would try something like this out of sheer curiosity. Would you?

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