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The Ultimate Fall Family Bucket List

Photograph by Twenty20

As I type this the weather in California is forecast to be in the 90s, but the calendar assures me that is, in fact, fall. Autumn is my very favorite season, but between an Indian Summer and the holiday rush it can be difficult to remember to celebrate it properly. That's why I came up with this epic list of 30 fun and family-friendly fall activities. Choose a few at random or try to tackle the whole list, either way you're sure to get the most out of the glorious autumnal season.

1. Visit a pumpkin patch. Or two!

2. Play in a pile of leaves. Is there anything better than that crunching sound?

3. Pick apples. Gather more than you think you'll need!

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4. Go on a hay ride. Pulled by tractor or horse, it's the most fallish mode of transportation.

5. Take a hike. Fall means less crowds and beautiful trails.

6. Make cool fall leaf crafts. Cover them in glitter, glue them to a mask, draw little faces on them, make leaf rubbings, the craft possibilities are endless!

7. Fly a kite. Fall has perfect kite flying weather.

8. Jump in puddles.

9. Go for a scenic drive. Peep all the leaves you can.

10. Enjoy a mug of hot apple cider. Or a pumpkin spice latte!

11. Go tailgating. Even non-football fans like tailgating.

12. Make pumpkin something. Or pumpkin everything!

13. Get lost in a corn maze.

14. Carve pumpkins. Or if your little ones are too little, paint pumpkins.

15. Roast pumpkin seeds.

16. Build an outdoor fire. Who said s'mores were just for summer?

17. Tell ghost stories.

18. Make costumes. Or at the very least get dressed-up.

19. Plan a Halloween trick. Add a little spice to the trick or treat.

20. Bake pie. Lots and lots of pie.

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21. Visit a farm.

22. Volunteer. Help at a soup kitchen or join a beach clean-up.

23. Collect pinecones and acorns. Today's fall collections will be perfect for tomorrow's holiday crafts.

24. Wear a cozy sweater and boots. No more worrying about a pedicure.

25. Take family photos. The light is wonderful and framed photos make wonderful gifts!

26. Host a chili cook off. Or at least dust off your favorite pot and make all the soups, stews, and chilis you can.

27. Donate food. Participate in or maybe even start a food drive.

28. Express gratitude. Share what you are thankful for before dinner or start a family gratitude journal.

29. Go camping. Enjoy your favorite camp site without the crowds.

30. Put up festive decorations. From spooky ghosts to leaf-festooned wreaths, fall makes decorating fun.

Images via Carla Wiking

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