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Hillary Versus Bernie

After last week's debate, I finally, after months of indecision, settled on a candidate and his/her name is Hillabern Clinders.

Depending on the day of the week, I am full-throttle in support of Hillary. I mean, Bernie. I mean, Hillary. I mean, Bernie. I mean—


I recently took the "I side with" quiz and sided 96 percent with Bernie Sanders. I don't think I've ever sided 96 percent with anything in my entire life, so this came as a humbling blow that Hillary, who I have rallied behind in my mind and soul since the beginning, may not be the one.

And yet.

No! I mean, YES! I mean, no!

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I don't mean to pick on Bernie's age/whiteness, but he resembles the status quo, even if he is largely opposed to it. And that is a bit problematic. We have had enough of those kinds of dudes, and while Hillary isn't exactly diverse and/or young, she is a woman. And that matters. Especially when you look at the recent attempts to derail women's reproductive freedom and rights.

No more old white dudes in the presidential line. That ship has SAILED.

And yet.

Bernie Sanders seems like he might ACTUALLY be the very best old white male politician that exists. He's as antiestablishment as it gets for a politician and I am unabashedly on board with his whole everything. And if he were a woman? If he was less white? Less old? I would NOT ONLY vote for him, I would likely volunteer to run the Los Angeles chapter of his campaign. So, if the only thing holding me back is his age/gender/whiteness, is it unfair to rebuff everything that TRULY matters? No. Of course not.

And yet.

As the LEADER of our nation, it matters. It matters what you look like and how you carry yourself and what kind of presence you command. It matters how you are perceived and whether you represent your country physically as well as politically, and between the two of them, I see Hillary as the more representative representative. I just do.

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Do I agree with all of Hill's politics? No. Is she a part of the same political machine I want to rally against? Yes. But I also think she is fearless and inspiring. I think she is pro woman and pro child and pro education reform. I think she is pro gun control and pro prison reform, and I think she can and will fight the good fight. Yes, I would be lying if I didn't admit that her being a woman has a lot to do with why I support her. Her stance on women's issues is crucial in a male-dominated Washington. It is time for a woman to lead this country and I believe that Hillary has what it takes to do so. I just wish she was more like Bern on all the issues.

Which is why I am writing this post. Because ... I don't know. I went back and forth between Hillary and Obama during the last election and ended up voting for Hillary and rooting for Obama—so, you know, I've been straddling the line of in-betweenism before. I've been known to smash candidates together and pretend that everyone can win. So that is what, at this moment in time, I am doing.


What do you think? Have you chosen your candidate yet? Do you feel torn, too? Are you team Hillabern Clinders? Let's discuss.

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