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Why We Love Alyssa Milano Breastfeeding as Wonder Woman

When it comes to the normalization of breastfeeding, Alyssa Milano continues to use her voice to influence public perception like few other celebrities have.

Last Halloween she posted a beyond precious photo to her Instagram in which she stopped her Halloween festivities and, dressed as Wonder Woman, nursed her daughter Elizabella. She re-posted the photo this year and the Internet has fallen in love with it all over again.

I think this photo resonates with so many of us because we see a mother taking time out from her day job as Wonder Woman to connect with her little one. Moms are always rushing to the rescue. We feel the pressure to see everything, know everything, make every decision the right decision. We do what needs to be done and understand that that's just part of the job.

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We can relate to Wonder Woman. And as heroes, it can be a challenge for us to slow down and enjoy our children amidst all the rescuing that we do in a day. But there's something about a nursing baby that forces us to slow down, rest and soak up the moment. The baby doesn't care that we're on a deadline. She doesn't care that the laundry is piling up almost as high as the dishes. She doesn't care who might be watching and judging. She just wants connection and sustenance. She has no problem pulling Mom away from all of her accomplishing and achieving. The nursing baby has a way of reminding us what is truly important. Wonder Woman or not, we all need that reminder sometimes.

I'm a frequent traveler, and unlike my first child, my youngest has always been very attached to me. She nursed so frequently in the beginning that I felt like I never got to stand up and move around. Sometimes it could be a nuisance, but I soon realized how easy it would have been for her to get left behind with all my traveling and doing and accomplishing. She gave me no choice but to take her with me on my journeys.

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At only a few weeks old, she traveled with me to Texas, and later to Canada. (For the record, having her newborn passport photo is one of my favorite keepsakes.) It was sometimes difficult and often inconvenient, but she showed me how strong I could before her, and how, even in the whirlwind that is my life, we belong together.

I may not be a supermom, and I may not be able to rescue my little one from every adversity, but I'm what she needs. That, my friends, is truly a wonder.

Props to Alyssa Milano for continuing to do her part to normalize such a natural and beautiful human behavior.

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Photograph by: Instagram/Alyssa Milano

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