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15 Perfectly Good Foods That Made My Toddler Cry

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We all know that toddlers can be quite ornery when they want to be. They can't help it, it's just in their nature. Sometimes it seems they are especially irrational when it comes to food. So we decided to ask some real moms what weird and hilarious things have made their toddlers cry. The results were pretty great. And also made us a little hungry.

"Mine seems to cry at everything lately. This morning, because I was making him the toast he asked for."

"I wouldn't let him drink sour milk from a cup he had hidden behind the couch the day before."

"I wouldn't let her lick the sand off her shoes."

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"My 4-year-old cried because I cut his peanut butter sandwich in half instead of taking one piece of bread and "folding it in half like a shell."

"My toddler cried the entire time we were at the store because I put rice cakes in the cart."

"Because I said no candy for breakfast. Sorry kiddo, sugar before lunch time has never been okay before today, so we aren't starting now."

"My daughter had a major meltdown last night because I wouldn't let her drink her dirty bath water."

My son begs for "toast" and then gets super mad if I put it in the toaster.

"I wouldn't give him the bag of Cheetos because it was empty and I didn't want to pick up crumbs."

"My coffee cup was empty and he wanted some."

"I wouldn't let him have a sippy cup that he found between the exam table and the wall at the doctor's office, a space that only a toddler could fit into. And the cup looked like it had been there since last year."

"My 4-year-old cried over a happy meal toy. 'It's a boy toy, not a girl toy!'"

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"I made my 3-year-old eggs, bacon, chocolate banana nut bread and a few strawberries for breakfast the other morning and he just started crying, 'WHY are there no grits?!' I'm so neglectful."

"Giving a younger sibling more chips/peas/berries/anything will make my toddler cry. I guess we need to work on the whole 'sharing' concept."

"My son would insist on holding a fully peeled banana and would flip out when it broke. You can imagine this scenario happened every day until I got wise and just stopped buying bananas."

"My son begs for 'toast' and then gets super mad if I put it in the toaster. Apparently toast to him is just plain bread. Makes sense."

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