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I Let Frustration Take Over

I failed as a parent yesterday.

I let my frustration get the better of me and I allowed it to ruin a fun family afternoon. My baby just wanted to run around with his ball, that's it. That's all he wanted. He just wanted to be a toddler, and I just wanted the "perfect" family photos.

Because that's what I had set out for. I needed the perfect picture for our Christmas cards. You know, like the ones staring out at you from the picture frames on the shelves of Target. I had this whole vision in my head of exactly how the day was going to go. And I let that cloud what was happening right in front of me.

I got frustrated. I lost my patience. I lost it.

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He kicked. He screamed. He threw a fit. He didn't look at the camera, not once. Or if he did, he certainly wasn't smiling. And because of that, neither was I.

My little one is learning every day, but guess what? So am I. I'm learning here right along with him. I'm learning to be more patient. I'm learning to not allow my frustration to take over. I got angry with my sweet boy, for being just that: a sweet boy. A one-year-old. A perfectly normal and wild and energetic one-year-old.

I'm done striving for perfection. Because in doing so, I miss out on truly perfect moments.

It's easy to get caught up in the beautiful images that social media and ads portray. It's easy to see perfection and wonder why your life doesn't look like that. It could be something as simple as getting a Christmas card from a family friend with all of their smiling and perfectly cooperative children looking right at you. But you don't know what it took to get that. You don't know the frustration that more than likely went into that image.

Oh wait, yes you do. Because you go through it every single time you try to take a picture with your own toddler.

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So I'm done allowing frustration to win. I let it take over, and I'm ashamed of it. I'm done striving for perfection. Because in doing so, I miss out on truly perfect moments.

What I have is far better than anything found in a stock photo. What I have is real. It's messy and it's disheartening at times, sure, but it's my mess and I'm going to own it from here on out.

Life isn't perfect. Life isn't a staged photograph found in the store. But it sure is beautiful.

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Photograph by: Katie Michelle Reyes

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