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Your Funniest Toddler Moments!

"3-year-old boy takes bite of red apple. Looks at it, proceeds to go full tantrum because the apple is red and not green. I give in. Hands toddler green apple. Said boy eats green apple, proceeds to cry because it’s not red." - @txgirlinco

"“Because she has to pee but needs a goldfish cracker before.” - @beverleymitchell

"Because she wanted to “whip and nae nea“ some more and the song ended." - @starlitesther

"Because she wanted to wear her new pink shades and so she refused to leave or get off the floor until we found them." - @somekindoffemme

"The guy behind me asks the girl he's with, 'So do you want to have kids one day?' Yeah, there was a good pause and stare at my child who was screaming and throwing herself back." - @can_yam

"She was wailing because I couldn't have her milk in a champagne glass ... for breakfast." - @marysong

"Because she didn’t want to wait in the long line (it was only three people) to meet Minnie Mouse, her idol, at Disneyland." - @somekindoffemme

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