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Hilarious Stories From Sleep-Deprived Moms

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Baby induced sleep deprivation is no joke, but some of the stuff it makes us do sure is hilarious. And since you're already existing in an overly exhausted state of punchiness, those crazy antics are bound to provide a little levity to an otherwise grave situation. Zombie moms everywhere will love reading this list and knowing that they are not alone. Below you will find real anecdotes from moms who have been in the sleepless trenches and come out on the other side.

"With my firstborn I was so delirious waking up at all hours to nurse him. I once woke up to nurse only to discover minutes later that I was actually nursing a pillow, not my baby. Whoops!" - Kristel A.

"I put the milk away in the pantry and the cereal away in the fridge. Car keys were also 'lost' several times because of me leaving them in my underwear drawer (?!?!?!!), the fridge or the pantry." - Jill S.

"I spent the entire day wearing two totally different colored flip-flops." - Carla W.

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"Along with putting my coffee mug in completely random places (one time I put it back in the cabinet FULL of hot coffee), I turn in one-step circles when I can't remember why I walked in a room (just like a dog right before it lays down)—so embarrassing but it works somehow." - Asia V.

"I once put put a filter, coffee grinds and water into the coffee pot and turned it on. With no pot under it to catch the coffee." - Jill D.

"I walked around with baby poop on my arm for about thirty minutes before I noticed." - Meghan A.

I had one friend who regularly tried to burp her husband in the middle of the night.

"I jumped in the car to go to Costco and realized at the end of my block that she was asleep in her crib and not in my car!!! OMG" - Kimberly K.

"There was the time I was so tired, I failed to notice a rope dangling from the luggage rack on the car, backed up and shirred the whole thing off." - Toni S.

"One particular night, my husband woke up in the middle of the night to me 'looking for the baby.' I was throwing covers off the bed, trying to move him because I thought she was underneath him, and totally freaking out. She was in her bed the whole time. My husband basically demanded I stop pumping in the middle of the night after that so I could get more sleep." - Mary S.

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"I put my phone in the dryer, only to take it out after hours of searching and place it promptly in the fridge! Ahhh, the good old days…" - Esther C.

"Yep, was baking the other morning. Had two eggs left. Cracked them into a bowl, then walked right over and threw them in the trash!" - Stacy T.

"I had one friend who regularly tried to burp her husband in the middle of the night." - Mary S.

"I poured olive oil in my coffee!" - Lacy S.

Thank goodness we all have such adorable excuses for this crazy behavior!

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