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Go Ahead, Ditch the Kids on Vacation

My husband and I recently took a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was the first "just us" vacation since having kids over five years ago. Let me tell you something. It was amazing. It WILL be happening again. And hopefully soon.

Fortunately for us, my husband earned an incentive trip at his work. So the two of us got to escape for four days with a handful of other couples to enjoy sunny Mexico. Normally, I'd want to pack as much as I could into a vacation—sight-seeing and eating my way through wherever we're staying. But this time? It was total relaxation.

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We spent each day in the hot sun, soaking up some time with each other. We napped. We ate amazing food. Whether we were at the beach or the swimming pool, we always had a drink in hand. (In fact, when we got home, I was a little bummed that the "7 Margaritas-a-Day Rule" didn't apply.) Our one "adventure" was a snorkeling trip that only took a couple of hours away from our beach-filled day.

While I wouldn't trade our regular life for a kid-free one, I do think there's great value in going away together for just a few days.

With three young children, alone time with my husband never just happens. We have to plan for it—whether by agreeing to stay up late to do something fun (a.k.a. sacrificing housework and/or sleep) or getting a babysitter (and paying them all our monies) so we can go out. So four days of uninterrupted sleep, conversation, and fun? Pretty much life-changing.

We had no breakfast to make, didn't have to change a single diaper, and no one extra wound up in our bed at night! While I wouldn't trade our regular life for a kid-free one, I do think there's great value in going away together for just a few days.

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And speaking of which, four days was the perfect amount. We didn't miss our kids too terribly, and vise versa. It wasn't too much to ask of our families, either. Our plan is to try to do this at least once a year—whether we "escape" for a staycation weekend at home, or jet off to a hot, sunny beach.

We came home rested and refreshed, inspired to keep on keeping on with the day-to-day. The time I had alone with my husband was much needed and I'm already looking forward to doing it again.

The stronger the marriage, the stronger the family, right?!

Photograph by: Lacy Stroessner

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