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The Most Insulting Things Moms Have Heard

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Let's be real, some people can just be assholes. And when you’re a mom, you tend to encounter all sorts of negativity and judgment. Sometimes it feels like you can’t do anything right, and a total stranger will be happy to tell you why.

My advice if this happens to you? Shine them on. They aren’t worth your time or efforts and certainly should never be able to make you feel inferior. But since we all love feeling less alone, here are just some of the most insulting things moms have had said to them in public:

“I have five kids and it never fails, whenever I go anywhere in public with them somebody exclaims, 'Wow, they’re all yours?!' Yep. Last time I checked, I pushed each one of them out. Thanks.” – Grace P.

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“I was breastfeeding my daughter in public, because, duh, she was hungry and some man had the nerve to say to me, 'Put that thing away!' I about lost it on him. Thank goodness I was too busy feeding my baby to waste my energy with him.” – Nancy R.

“I was in Target with my mini circus: My toddler screaming because she just wanted to be naked in the shopping cart, my two older ones running around the aisles and knocking things off shelves, my baby strapped to my chest, also screaming because she was hungry and I was on the verge of a meltdown, right there in the Target aisle. And an older lady gives me a look that could kill and says in the most judgmental way possible, 'You sure do have your hands full!; Uh, yes. I do. Thanks for that.” – Jessica L.

A complete stranger had the nerve to tell me my baby cried a lot!

“I hate hate hate whenever anyone tells me I look tired. I mean, yes, of course I look tired, because I AM tired! I have never been this tired in my entire life! I’m keeping a tiny human alive and am at their beck and call all day and night! The last thing I need is to be reminded of the fact that I look as tired as I feel.” – Mary M.

“A complete stranger had the nerve to tell me my baby cried a lot! Little did that stranger know I had just learned my sweet baby had acid reflux. I was already feeling so down and miserable about the whole thing and the last thing I needed to hear was that my baby was especially fussy, from someone I didn’t even know. It made me feel like a terrible mom.” – Kristina P.

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“I have three boys, and every time I tell people this, they get this sad look on their face and ask me if I wanted a girl. Like, that’s just the natural response? I love my boys with everything I have! I am a boy mom through and through and wouldn’t have it any other way!” – Laura W.

“The number one most insulting thing anyone has asked me is, 'How can you let someone else raise your children?' I am a working mom and proud of it. I have chosen to have a career and also be a mother. News flash: having childcare does not mean that someone else is raising my children, thank you very much.” – Tiffany P.

“'She doesn’t look anything like you' is the most insulting thing I’ve ever been told. It just felt like a huge slap in the face. Because really? Pretty sure I was there, doing the hard work, during that long intense labor. But thanks for giving my husband all the credit.” – Kate L.

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