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8 Sneaky Ways Moms Can Get Me Time

Photograph by Twenty20

We’ve all heard it a million times: It's important as a mom to get your me time in. Because how can you be expected to take care of everyone else without first taking care of yourself? Amen? Amen. With that being said, it can be extremely difficult to get any time to yourself. I get that. We all get that. As I said, you are literally taking care of everyone else. That takes up a lot of time. We get it. So, I have a few ways to get that much needed alone time, whenever and however you can. It’s simple, really.

1. Lock the bathroom door and eat that candy bar in peace! Yes there will be knocking on the door and screaming of your name, but if you close your eyes and hum loudly to yourself, you're good.

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2. Tell the kids that Mommy has to make a phone call and step outside for a few minutes. There is no phone call. This is OK. Just hold the phone up to your ear and pretend like someone’s on the other end. They'll never know and your sanity will thank you.

Try to ignore any cries that may be coming from your stroller. Chances are, they're just fine.

3. Utilize the time-out. Admittedly, time-outs are definitely more for me than they are for the kids, but nonetheless, if they do any little thing—even just some extra whining, which, bonus, they are guaranteed to do—tell them they are in time-out and you get some minutes of peace!

4. Wait until the kids are asleep and take a damn bubble bath. Light candles. Fill up the tub. And lock yourself in there for as long as you need. Let your husband know that if anyone wakes up crying or demanding something, he is on kid duty. You’ve earned this.

5. Do yoga. No really. Strap the kids in their high chairs (if your kids are too old for high chairs, then turn on their favorite TV show or something), give them snacks and do some stretching. Sure, it won’t be as therapeutic or meditative as it used to be, but hey. A workout is a workout. You’ll feel better than you did before, I guarantee it.

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6. Go for a walk. Sure, it’s not necessarily me time since you will have your little ones with you, BUT they are secured in a stroller and you are at the other end of the stroller, so really, you could just pretend that it’s just you. It’s exercise for you and you can play music from your phone and enjoy your surroundings. Try to ignore any cries that may be coming from your stroller. Chances are, they're just fine.

7. Go for a drive. And if the kids happen to be screaming in the backseat, it’s fine. Just turn up the radio to drown them out.

8. Put your kids in the nursery at church. Have someone else deal with them for an hour or so. It’ll do everyone some good. Plus, those nursery ladies are just the sweetest. Even if your kid is a maniac, they’ll never tell.

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