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Mom Whose Video Went Viral Tells You How to Do It, Too

Photograph by Twenty20

Yes, it’s me. The mom from the famous Sneaky Cat Christmas Video that has over 3 million views on YouTube and tens of millions of views on various online outlets. I know what you’re thinking: “I wish you would tell me your secret to going viral so I can go viral too!”

Well, after compiling minutes of data and research, I’m divulging my secrets so that you, too, can know the joys and instant fame that comes with having a viral video, make some pretty decent coin for a little family memory and have recorded one of your family's best unintended gaffes.

It doesn't take a lot of work. But there are some essentials. Here, I'll walk you through them:

1. Get a cat

This is an essential part of going viral. In fact 87 percent of the viral videos on YouTube feature cats.* Have a cat who gets freaked out by his own reflection in a window or mirror? Then you better get your camera out ASAP and film every second of his embarrassing gaffes.

Does your cat like to hug other cats or sleep in silly positions? You are sitting on solid gold! Film that business and get it on the Internet now before your cat gets too old to be cute and sellable. This usually happens around 5 or 6 years old BTW, which is basically mid-twenties. (Just like in Hollywood)

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Bottom line, you should be filming your cat 24/7, because eventually you will find a gem that makes the entire world go “Awwww.”

2. Get a kid

Preferably your own kid, but any port in a storm. The Internet is obsessed with cute kids. There are entire Instagram accounts devoted to adorable kids and the cute things they do, so don’t miss out on this key factor in going viral. Redheaded kids get teased the most in real life, but on the Internet? Gingers are highly sought after.*

If you take a redheaded baby and combine it with the adorable magic of a kitten, then hold on to your socks because you are about to catapult into Internet fame.

3. Pray the trolls like it

We’ve all heard about the infamous “Internet Trolls.” They are often teenage boys or grown-ass adults with nothing better to do than crawl the Internet looking for memes, gifs and videos of, you guessed it, cats and kids. Imagine their delight when they come across your video featuring both!

If the Trolls like it, they will share it. And sharing is where the Internet gets its power. You like something, you share it right? Then your friends like it, and they share it and so on. Before you know it, your video has been shared hundreds of thousands of time and viewed millions of times in countries all over the world. Viral video success!

Here are some BONUS tips to keep in mind:

I didn’t film horizontally, but you can learn from my mistake! Film your viral video horizontally. Seriously everyone stop filming vertically. It’s bad for the Internet environment.

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And if you can, put yourself in front of the camera at some point, so you can reap the success and notoriety of your viral video fame á la Chewbacca Mom.

These are lessons I learned and am sharing with you in the hopes that you, too, can achieve this level of success. Now please excuse me while I go film everything my kid and cat do and try to pop my face in the frame every now and then. Viral video No. 2, here I come!

*denotes Alternative Facts

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