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Toddler Talk: Fort-Building

When an old bed sheet and some moved furniture just isn't enough, one of these DIY fort kits can add even more creativity to your toddler's pretend play.

Upcycled Fort Building Kit

The Etsy shop a Little Party has a bunch of different handmade fort-building kits, like this upcycled option. It includes everything you'll need, down to the "Keep Out" sign.

To buy: A Little Party, $99

Silk Fort Set

Here's a similar handmade fort set, except this one comes with two gorgeous hand-dyed silk canopies for versatile fort building.

To buy: Gypsy Forest, $89

Deluxe Super Hero Fort Kit

For the super-hero-loving toddlers, this kit comes with Force-Field Fort Sheets (including a "superhero secret entrance" printed pillowcase), a trusty Rescue Rope, Emergency Flares (glow sticks!), a Beckoning Signaler (flashlight!), and a Secret Lair Flag.

To buy: Royalkane, $45

Fort Building Backpack

The forts from this Etsy shop fit neatly into handmade kid-sized backpacks, and include everything kids need—including clips, suction cups, and a flashlight.

To buy: Adi & Tuck, $39.50

Crazy Forts

If you'd rather go the store-bought route, Crazy Forts is a collection of sticks and balls, which can create virtually any type of fort. My son has this set, actually, and it's always a fun rainy-day activity.

To buy: Barnes and Noble, $50

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