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Meg's LEGO® DUPLO® Review


LEGO® DUPLO® products have been a huge hit in our house for two years. My son, Collin (age 3), got his first set for Christmas, at 12 months of age. It was a few months before he really started playing with it, but he hasn’t stopped since. My daughter, Katelyn (19 months), now also really enjoys playing with them, and is just starting to get the fine motor skills of putting DUPLO bricks together.

I love watching my kids play with DUPLO bricks because their imagination soars. Every time Collin is playing with them, he builds something new and tells me about the airplane, factory, tower or dinosaur he created. One of his favorite activities is to build towers as high as he can by stacking the DUPLO bricks together without them falling over. He also really enjoys any set that has vehicles in it—tractors, cars, trucks, etc. Katelyn has watched him play, and is learning from him how to stack the bricks together. I am pleased with the development of her hand eye coordination, which enables her to turn a brick around until it lines up correctly to fit together with another brick. I think DUPLO products are excellent toys for helping to develop motor skills.

The LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Cars set (Item # 10552) is wonderful. Collin (who is 39 months, to be exact) was so excited about the cars. He enjoys looking at the instruction sheet that came with it, but is still unable to see a picture of a car and build it himself. He asks for help on this task, but then also enjoys building his own vehicles, using his imagination, even if they don’t look exactly like the pictures.

The LEGO® DUPLO® Toddler Build and Pull Along set (Item # 10554) is also a lot of fun. Katelyn does not yet know how to really build any of the animal figures, but enjoys stacking bricks on top once she saw it put together.

To buy: Build and Pull Along, $15; Creative Cars, $20

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