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Toddler Talk: Water Play Ideas

Another Memorial Day weekend in the bag, folks, which means one thing: S-U-M-M-E-R.

I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have summer-like temperatures right now, but pools are starting to open all over the country. It’s time to start prepping for another summer, and water play can be a big part of the season—especially for toddlers.

Here are some basic ideas on how to bring water into your toddler’s playtime:

Buckets + Toys

You don’t need a fancy pool or swimming lessons to enjoy the summertime water. All you need is a big bucket(s) with bath toys, some sponges, and plenty of kitchen utensils—like a colander, slotted spoons, and maybe a little soap.

Baby Pool/Sprinklers

But getting a small blow-up baby pool isn’t a bad idea—or even just some sprinklers for the little ones to run through. As soon as they can run, they can enjoy an old-fashioned sprinkler.

Wash Dishes/Rocks

Gather up their plastic play kitchen toys—or even just a pile of dirty rocks—and let them scrub away with soap and water out in the grass.

Water Table

Water tables are one of the many sensory bin ideas for summer. You can buy a fully standing water table (you won’t regret the purchase—trust me), or make your own with a long, flat plastic bin and plenty of cups, funnels, and bath toys. If your toddler is anything like mine, that water table will see plenty of use.

Bike/Toy Car Wash

Set up a car wash for their trikes and toy cars—and then watch them scrub and spray for the better part of a sunny afternoon.

Chalk + Water

Chalk is a classic summertime activity as is, but water adds an entirely different texture. Have them dip the chalk into water for a more water-color-like drawing, or even soak chalk in a bowl of water for a softer, paint-like texture. We also like painting over sidewalk-chalk creations with water and a paintbrush.

How do YOU play with water in the summertime?

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