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Andrea's LEGO® DUPLO® Review


"I have two daughters—an almost 3-year-old and an 11-month-old. I love LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and have fond memories of the huge cardboard box full of DUPLO bricks that I played with as a kid. I vividly remember the sound it made when I turned the box upside down to dump all the DUPLO bricks out (a thousand DUPLO bricks clinking against each other!). I would sit in front of my Saturday morning cartoons and build stuff all day. My sister and I always played with DUPLO bricks together and so I’m thrilled to see my girls already doing the same (the little one is so good about not sticking them in her mouth!).

"My three-year-old is having a great time with the LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Cars set (Item # 10552)—she loves it, in fact. She will sit quietly and put them together and then take them apart—her favorite thing to build is a “train” where we piece the three cars together into a giant vehicle and then pile the rest of the DUPLO bricks on top. She’s a kid who really isn’t that interested in toys, something that as a mother can be a little frustrating when you have a whole room devoted to toys—but usually she’d rather play pretend games like “school” or dance around the room in a tutu. So I’ve been really surprised by how engaged she is with the DUPLO set and it’s great to have something I can transport with us to restaurants or hotel rooms that she wants to play with.

"It’s so fun to see her playing with the DUPLO bricks—she is learning about shapes, spatial relations, colors, and vehicles as she plays with them. The spatial relation stuff is what I think is most fascinating to watch, especially when she tries to wedge bricks in and learn how to make the bricks “stick” together. She gets a real sense of accomplishment, since she can build on her own, but she also enjoys knocking her creations down. She isn’t the least bit precious about what she builds (which is something adults get stuck in—I find myself saying, “wait, let’s play with the train!” and she’s already moved on to pulling it apart). This is great because it’s a focus on process rather than result, and that will serve her in so many ways in life.

"The baby sits right beside her as she builds her creations, holding on to whatever DUPLO bricks her big sister will sacrifice. And even though she’s only 11 months, she wants to put two bricks together and then pull them apart, which works her coordination and strength (she can’t get them together but she can sure pull them apart!). I like how she explores the various shapes of the bricks. I gladly welcome DUPLO products in my house because I can see not only how much my kids enjoy them but also how they are actively learning as they play." -Andrea

To buy: LEGO, $20

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