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Toddler Talk: Crown of Feathers

Like mother like daughter, I guess: Ramona is quickly showing me that her favorite thing to do is dress up. Every morning, when I’m getting ready, she runs to my closet and steals my shoes. She wraps my scarves around her neck and loves when my husband puts his shirts on her. I don’t mind her raiding our closet but I’d love for her to have her own items to dress up in. So I’ve started her on a collection of play clothes and accessories, to be stored in a trunk in her play area so she can dress up or down to her delight.

First thing on my list of dress up items for her was a crown. But not just any old crown: a crown of feathers! I had some peacock feathers laying around from a previous project and thought they’d be perfect for her, especially since peacocks are some of her favorite animals at the zoo.

This is an easy project and you can make the crown as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. If you don’t have all of these items at your home, they ca be found at your local craft store.

What you need:

Hot glue gun (though this might not be something you have already at home, they are relatively inexpensive at any craft store)


Two lengths of ribbon (i chose two different colors but you can also use one type of ribbon)

Elastic in the same width as the ribbon


Any other embellishments you might want to add (buttons etc)

What you do:

1. Start by measuring the circumference of your child’s head around where you want the crown to fall. You can use the ribbon itself to do this and just cut it at the desired length. You need two of these.

2. With one of the ribbons right side up, lay out your feathers in the middle how you want them to appear. Use glue to secure them once you have arranged them how you’d like.

3. Apply a little more glue on top of this arrangement once it’s had a little time to set. Place the second ribbon on top of the feathers, so the feathers are now sandwiched by the two ribbons. Try to situate the top ribbon so it is a little lower than the bottom ribbon. This way you can conceal the ends of the feathers. Otherwise, when the crown is on, you will see the tips poking out throughout the ribbons.

4. Now add more glue between the entire length of the two ribbons to glue them to each other.

5. The small bit of elastic (about 2-4 inches) will secure the ends together and should fall in the middle of the back of your child’s head. Knowing how big the crown needs to be, remove enough ribbon from each end and glue one end of each elastic to one end of the inside of the ribbon (see photo).

6. Voila! Once the glue has completely dried all around, it’s ready to adorn your child’s head.

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