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Anne R.'s LEGO® DUPLO® Review


"LEGO® DUPLO® bricks were a huge part of my childhood and part of a family birthday tradition. My sister and I got a new set every year and always looked forward to it, so I knew I wanted to introduce them my kids early on. I like that it is a toy set that has multiple uses– it allows my daughter to use her creativity, problem solving skills, basic hand/eye coordination, and a wide variety of skills I probably don’t even realize she’s using! I also love that it’s something that we can do together and both enjoy. I like that the sets come with directions to build a few things, but that they allow for the kids to put their own spin on building. Of course I love that they’re all so interchangeable as well; the sets all work together to really get the kids to use their imaginations.

"I had to ask Gwen what she liked … 'I like to build little cities,' she said. Her favorite thing to do is to build something that allows her to create a 'set' for role playing. Sometimes it’s a castle, sometimes it’s a school, a city, a playground, a house, etc. Sometimes she’ll just build a tower to see how high she can get it, but she usually likes to build something and then use it in her play.

"As I mentioned, DUPLO bricks really allow her to be creative and over time I’ve seen her build upon her previous ideas. She’d start with building one 'house' and then a second, and now she’ll create whole cities. She’ll then take the people and animals and just play. When she is building something to see how high she can get it, I really see her thinking hard about how she can get the tower higher without it falling over. I always tell her she’s going to be an architect; she’s getting really good at building some sturdy towers.

"At Sean’s age he enjoys 'building things,' putting DUPLO bricks together, and taking them apart. Of course he also likes knocking down whatever his older sister has built. He’s getting to the age where he’s attempting to create specific things. Sean gets excited by anything that moves, so he loves using the car parts from his LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Cars set (Item # 10552) to stack anything and everything on top and make them go. He’ll even attempt to build ramps and send the cars down them.

"Sean is really getting good at building more solid structures. He started off with just stacking the DUPLO bricks as high as he could, but soon realized that these quickly fell over or fell apart. Thus he has started working at making them stand up by adding more to the base or testing it to see where it’s weak. My favorite thing to do is to watch him build things on his own; he is getting so good at stacking bricks to come up with a structure of his own. When I build with him he really wants to be involved and help follow the instructions or add to the structure. Getting Sean to stay involved in something for an extended period of time is often challenging, but DUPLO bricks seem to keep his interest."

To buy: Ariel's Undersea Castle, $30; Creative Cars Set, $20

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