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Gabriela L.'s LEGO® DUPLO® Review


"When my 2.5 year old daughter Zoë saw the brown box that came in the mail with her LEGO® DUPLO® Toddler Build and Pull Along set (10554) and I told her what it was and she exclaimed 'Lego-o-o-os!' Zoë was familiar with DUPLO bricks because her grandmother recently bought her a set to introduce them to her just like she did when I was a kid. When we opened that package she was extremely excited as soon as she saw the colorful DUPLO box! We unpacked it right away and the first thing she noticed and what she liked the most was the little cart on wheels. She loves toy cars, carts, wagons and anything with wheels on it. And she also enjoys 'building things.' So this toy was perfect for her!

"When we first unpackaged it, she named the colors starting with her favorite, purple. Then she took all the parts, set them on the floor next to the box, and she quickly stacked the bricks together to match how it looked in the picture on the box. It was fun to watch. DUPLO bricks seem to be engaging and allow her to focus on the use of her hands to take the bricks apart and put them back together. She calls out all the colors in both her languages, which are English and Spanish, and she particularly gets excited about the stars, stripes and dots on some of the DUPLO bricks. She plays with this toy every day. I think this LEGO® DUPLO® Toddler Build and Pull Along set (Item # 10554) is a smart toy, catering to my daughter’s play style but with the classic DUPLO parts and shapes that I grew up with. She can easily build using these bricks, but they are not too small for her age to be 'chokeables' (always a big concern for moms). And it is also on wheels so she can use it as a toy car as well. It’s brilliant!"

To buy: Toddler Build and Pull Along, $15

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