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Lauren A.'s LEGO® DUPLO® Review


"My two year old son, Logan, plays with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks at his grandparents’ house and also while at daycare, but this LEGO® DUPLO® Toddler Build and Pull Along set (Item # 10554) is his first set at home.

"I like that there are no directions—no "one way" to play. Everything is left up to his imagination.

"Logan likes to make airplanes (using one long skinny brick and supporting more bricks on top of it). He builds the airplane unevenly, so one or two bricks quickly come off, at which point he says, "uh oh, it broke! I fix," and proceeds to put it back somewhere else. This happens about 20 times in a row before he finds a new brick to replace the old one. He also makes towers, building one on top of another until they fall apart. Another activity he enjoys is building cars with the LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Cars set (Item # 10552). He likes to build cars by color, putting all of the blue pieces on the blue car, and the red pieces on the red car, etc. His imagination, hand eye coordination, and sense of pride are engaged every time he builds with DUPLO bricks."

To buy: Toddler Build and Pull Along, $15; Creative Cars, $20

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