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Toddler Talk: Potato Stamp Art

As a mom, I'm always looking for different art projects to do with my two girls. We do art almost every day, so I've got to get creative and give them lots of options. My girls love painting and they love stamps, so this potato stamp art is always a hit with them. Potato stamp art has been around for decades, but it never gets old. It's great for making masterpieces, but I also love this trick for making my own wrapping paper! Last Christmas, we decorated brown butcher paper with red stars to make some unique hand-stamped wrapping for our family and friends.

All you need:

1 large baking potato




Paint brush

Paper, wrapping paper, or gift bag

First, decide what designs you would like. Depending on how big your potato is, you can get anywhere from 2-4 stamps out of it. We had a fairly large potato, so we made a star, heart, and square.

Next, (this step is NOT for the toddlers!) cut out your design. Designs with straight edges (stars, squares, triangles, etc) are much easier to cut. Shapes with rounded edges like circles or hearts are much harder. After you have cut your design, use a towel to blot the potato dry. Get rid of as much of the starchy wetness as you can.

Then, use a paint brush to paint on the stamp. (I find this works better than dipping the stamp in paint!) Get a good, even layer. Finally, stamp on your design. Continue until your masterpiece is complete! Enjoy!!!

(These stamps will last for a few days until the potatoes dry out.)

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