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Toddler Talk: Felt Masks

The theme of this summer, besides playing outside as much as possible and lathering on sunscreen, has been to carefully build up Ramona’s dress-up stash. As she gets older she is becoming more opinionated and creative about what she wears. I can also see her imagination starting to really take shape. The concept of make-believe is not entirely over her head.

So after making a cape for Ramona to traipse about in, I realized she needed a superhero mask to finish the costume and persona. She hasn’t always liked headbands or hats but she’s slowly but surely getting to the point where she’ll tolerate things on her head or face (sunglasses, she LOVES sunglasses!).

Thus I set out to find an easy to follow template that would enable me to make a mask at home and that would be fun to share with you!

What you need:

Felt (square foot of felt should be enough)




Elastic (thin works best but I had thick on hand so I used that)


Printer and paper

What you do:

1. Print out two copies of the mask template, provided for free by the generous and talented Ambrosia Girl.

2. Decide which mask you want to make and cut it out. It’s not important, at this point, to follow the lines exactly.

3. Pin the paper to the felt, one at a time. (An easier way may be to use packing tape to tape them down so the paper doesn’t move around as much. I didn’t have any on hand but would have used it if I could).

4. First cut out the eye holes. Fold the mask in half if that’s easier for you to get a good snip.

5. Then cut around the line of the mask.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 with the second copy of the mask.

7. Pin the two pieces of felt together. Don’t worry too much if they need to be trimmed at this point. Wait until you’re done sewing to even out the edges.

8. Using needle and thread, stitch around the eye holes, as close to the edge as you can.

9. Measure the elastic around your child’s head at their eye line. Remember, it stretches, so you’ll want it a bit smaller than their actual size. No more than 2” smaller is a good rule.

10. Pin each of the ends of the elastic in between the two pieces of felt at each of the outer edges of the eye hole.

11. Using the needle and thread, stitch around the outer edge of the felt.

12. Of course, you can add embellishments if you’d like! Buttons or sequins or puff paint. Let loose!

13. Time to put the mask on your little one and let them pretend pretend pretend.

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