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Toddler Talk: Jellyfish Plates

Ramona loves visits to the aquarium. She gets mesmerized watching the glowing fish and sea creatures in the large dark tanks. Their fantastic colors, smooth movements, and the way they seem to dance captures her attention better than an episode of Sesame Street! Her favorite creatures seem to be sea horse and jellyfish.

At home she kept asking for the ocean or fishes. I can’t take her to the aquarium every day so I brainstormed a way to bring a little bit of the uniqueness and brightness of the aquarium to us. I came up with a simple way to create a jellyfish for our keeping! Your little one will love the way it shimmies and you can use it to add a pop of color to their bedroom when they’re done playing with it.

What you need

Two paper plates (at least)

Water colors (or other coloring utensils)



Stapler (or glue)


Various types of strings and/or streamers


What you do

  1. Decorate the bottom of one of the paper plates with water color or other coloring utensils, such as crayons or markers.

  2. Once this has dried, use a marker to draw some eyes (keeping the plate upside down).

  3. Using tape (or glue) adhere some streamer lengths to the inside edge of the plate.

  4. Sandwich the second plate with the first plate, making sure the streamers are coming out of the edges.

  5. Staple the sides together. (You don’t need very many staples!) You can also glue the two plates together with school glue or a glue stick if you’d prefer or if you don’t have a stapler on hand.

  6. Using the scissors, poke two small holes through the top center.

  7. Thread string of your choice through having the ends dangle down the bottom.

  8. To hang the jellyfish, thread string up the holes from the bottom and knot it from the top with plenty of length to hang it from whatever you desire: above the bed, in front of a window, in a doorway!

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