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Toddler Talk: Colander and Pipe Cleaner

Coming up with activities and ideas for play for Ramona is a lot of fun for me. But some days, when there’s just a little too much going on or my energy levels just quite aren’t up to par, I need some easy peasy things to do with her that don’t take too much planning or preparation. Additionally, I was in need of something simple for her to do that will hold her attention so I can get important things done, like making dinner or finishing that deadline. I was sick of throwing the TV in front of her (though she’ll take as much of that as I’ll give her!).

Ramona’s Wednesday play-date’s mama told us what she does with her little ones when she wants them to work on an activity that helps with hand-eye coordination and buys her some quiet time. She hands them a colander and some pipe cleaners she scrounged up from the activity box and lets them go to town sticking the pipe cleaners in and looping them around. Little ones can work on their color identification if you have different colored cleaners and they can get silly and creative with all the little holes!

What you need:

Pipe cleaners


What you do:

Put the colander and pipe cleaners in front of your little ones and let their imagination run wild. You may need to do a quick demonstration first, but they’re sure to pick up on it and take over quickly!

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