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Toddler Talk: Fun With Threading

It’s so much fun to watch Ramona play with blocks and toy tools. Her little hands are getting more and more adept at deftly maneuvering smaller objects. She holds little tea cups (pinky up sometimes!), is getting better at hand motions to her favorite songs, and likes to find and collect small rocks in jars while out on walks. She puts her own straw in the hole in her lid to her to-go drink. Just earlier this week she tried her hand at chopsticks while out to a sushi dinner! (she’s got a ways to go on that one).

In an effort to continue encouraging and improving her hand-eye coordination, I wanted to think of another play activity she can do at home with items we already have. I also prefer activities that require some concentration and buy me a little time to do stuff around the house if she doesn’t need my direct help or supervision.

A mom-friend of mine mentioned threading items with string. Perfect! I don’t have any beads lying around but I have lots of other things that be put on various strings from my gift-wrapping supply drawer. I put together a collection of various items with different sized hole openings, as well as different widths of strings. This way, Ramona could work on threading items on string, working her way up from easier pieces to more difficult once.

And the best part? When she was done she had another item to add to her costume stash: a necklace! I simply tied the ends for her and she had a handmade necklace.

What you need:

Items to thread: buttons, beads, old toilet rolls, old paper towel rolls, pastas, etc

Various girths of strings: twine, thick satin, cooking string,

Optional: markers for decorating the toilet paper rolls!

What you do:

If you have some toilet paper or paper towel rolls, let your child decorate them with markers. It’s sort of like making your own beads. Pasta can also be drawn on.

Show them how it’s done: Choose an item and demonstrate how you put string through it.

Let them try their hand at it: Watch them experiment with all the different options. Will the extra thick satin fit through the small penne pasta? What’s the best approach for holding the small string? Give them some space and they’ll use their imagination and problem-solving skills to see what works best for them!

Bonus: When they’re all done, tie the strings in a circle to make a necklace for your child. (Please always make sure children are supervised when they're playing with necklaces).

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