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Toddler Talk: The Bearded Baby

Ramona and I have been spending lots of time at the library picking out silly books. One of our recent favorites is Mustache Baby. In it, a little boy is born with a mustache. Ramona thinks it is hilarious that this baby has facial hair just like her papa. She now likes to point out whenever she sees people with facial hair and pretends that she has it too when she watches her father shave. Well, she should have one then, right!?

I am realizing too, that, though it is the beginning of September, it is never too early to start brainstorming ideas for Halloween costumes for your little ones. After reading this book and the kick Ramona got out of it, I thought that a bearded lady just might be in Ramona’s cards come October 31.

Here’s how to make some fun, whimsical beards and mustaches for your little ones. There are so many styles and types and cuts of beards, so the possibilities are endless.

What you need

grocery bags (or other paper bags) or heavy-weight paper (I went for a standard brown grocery bag but of course black, gray and any other color you think would work great for facial hair—realistic or otherwise!).


elastic string (or plain string if that’s all you have)


hole punch

popsicle sticks


1. Cut the bag open along the seams so it lies flat. Remove the bottom part.

2. Using the blank inside of the bag, draw the outline of your mustache and/or beard. Get creative!

3. Cut out the outline.

4. Punch holes on the top of either side of the cut-out, and cut a hole in the middle for your child's mouth.

5. Measure your child’s head around where you want the string to hold up the mask and cut this length of string (adding an inch or two on each end for good measure).

6. Tie one end gently through and around one of the punched holes. Do the same with the other end and the other hole. Voila! There’s a bearded mask.

7. For the mustache, I didn’t have any popsicle sticks on hand, so I used tape to attach one of Ramona’s small, sturdy spoons to it for a handle. This way, she can just hold it up to her face and pretend she has a mustache!

Other ideas

  • Glue cotton balls on the beard to make it full and bushy. Perfect for an old man costume!
  • Have your child doodle on the cutout to create his own unique design.
  • Use heavy-weight paper and popsicle sticks glued to the back to make more of a masquerade mustache. This would be fun for a prop for a photo booth!
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