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Toddler Talk: DIY Felt Apple Tree

Our little 18 month-old is so close to counting to three. (I know, it seems so simple!) For some reason the first few numbers are hard; then around age 2, kiddos can all of a sudden count to 10 or more. To help her with this, I wanted to create a fun counting game that we could practice together. With it being apple picking season, I thought it would be fun to make a little felt apple tree.


2 sheets of green felt

1 sheet of brown felt

1 sheet of red felt

white puff paint


Lay your sheets of green felt side by side. Using a marker, trace the "branches" of the tree. Don't worry about it looking perfect! Next, trace the trunk onto the brown felt.

Then, cut your red felt longways into three strips. Fold each strip in half to cut out your apple shapes. I went with six apples to start with. Depending on where your kid is with her counting skills, you may choose more or less.

Cut the trunk and branches out and lay them flat. Using the puff paint, draw a number on each of the apples. Once the paint is dry, you are ready to go!

The felt sticks to each other, so it's great for little hands. This game is good for flat surfaces, but will also work on a wall or the side of the fridge if you adhere the tree to it first. Practice taking the apples off the tree, then counting them and putting them back. It's great for number recognition, too!

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