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Toddler Talk: Monogram Painted Pumpkins

'Tis the season for pumpkins and falling leaves and all things autumn. I've been trying to be festive with my girls, giving them plenty of ways to enjoy and explore this time of year. This week's fall craft? Monogram-painted pumpkins, of course!

This is a fun activity to do with kiddos of any age. Honestly, even little babes could handle this one. Both of my girls had a blast and were so excited to see the final result of their beautifully painted pumpkins! Here's what you need...


a pumpkin for each child

masking tape

washable paint

paint brushes

a paint tray (we used recycled egg containers)

a drop cloth (we used trash bags)

glitter (optional)

First, set up the activity. Cover your table with a drop cloth. Get the paint and brushes ready to go. Use masking tape to make the initials on your pumpkins. (Instead of initials, you could also do fun patterns like stripes or chevron!) Cover the pumpkin stems in tape as well.

Then, dress your little ones in their best painting shirts and let them go to town with the paint. (Really little ones could even do finger-painting here!) Help them cover the entire pumpkin (all of the orange space) in paint. You might turn the pumpkin every so often, so it doesn't become a mess of brown paint from it all being smeared together.

Let the paint set for about 20 minutes, then sprinkle with glitter. This step is completely optional. If your kiddos like sparkly things, it will be fun! Wait about 24 hours until the paint is completely dry, then carefully remove the masking tape from the pumpkin.

Let your little ones admire their beautiful monogram painted pumpkins!

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