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Toddler Talk: Epic Art Project

As a mom of two toddlers, cold mornings and rainy afternoons pose a bit of a problem. We can't as easily get outside or go do something fun, which my girls would prefer. We have to rely on our creativity and what we have at home to create an epic afternoon.

The other day, we found the perfect solution to a rainy afternoon! I used Kraft paper to line our entire dining room table. Then, I got out as many art supplies as would fit. I set everything up while my children were still napping, so that they would wake up to a fun surprise. When they woke up, I dressed them in "painting clothes" and let them go to town. They had such a blast, too! They played for more than an hour—and even went back later.

What You Need:

Kraft paper or butcher paper to cover the table

Tape to secure the paper to the table

Paint and brushes



Glitter Glue

Any other art supplies that you have on hand—glitter, buttons, stickers, stamps, etc.

With a blank canvas and ALL of the supplies on the table, my girls were so excited to make such an epic art project.

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