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VIRAL: Dad Hilariously Mocks Daughter's Tantrum

Dad mocks daughter's tantrum on YouTube

Kid tantrums are the worst, aren't they? And we're not just talking about those little crying jags that commonly strike during the Terrible Twos, either. We're talking about those epic door-slamming, ear-shattering, semi-psychotic tantrums that even the sweetest of sweet children seem to display at one point or another. And if you're not quite there yet, get ready—they get even more fun as the years progress and your kid can fully unleash their madness (and articulate their hatred for you) in full sentences.

It was during one such tirade that a dad recently switched response tactics ... garnering some pretty hilarious results that just so happened to find their way to YouTube. And boy, is it worth a watch.

But first, the back story: The Sterner family's 6-year-old daughter was having a "pretty rough day," according to mom. That rough day turned into a bit of a freak-out, which then spiraled into some pretty intense screaming. So then, instead of trying to calm his daughter's insane behavior, good ol' Dad decided to lighten the mood by lip-synching the entire meltdown. Hilarity ensues, and Big Brother is even reduced to tears of laughter. (This is, after all, the kind of stuff older brothers live for.)

Thankfully, Mom caught the whole thing on camera and immediately shared it with the Internet.

Watch the clip:

Well played, Dad. Well. Played.

Image via YouTube.

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