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Toddler Talk: Tornado Bottle

Sometimes it's the simple things that get the biggest reaction. I’m sure you’ve heard of and seen the tornado bottle project; it’s an oldie but a goodie. I’ve been meaning to make one for my children for the longest time. I didn’t even need to build any hype because my daughter was beside herself with glee just looking at the connector package! The process is easy enough for even the young ones, and it goes together so quickly that no one has to wait long. It’s a perfect water-play project without all the mess. (Although do be sure to check the seal often and watch for punctures.)

Here’s how to make one for yourself:


2 2-liter bottles

tornado bottle connector


glitter, confetti, food coloring, oil, soap, small foam balls, etc.


1. Clean out the bottles and remove all the labels. I recommend removing the labels before opening the bottle. Some of them are really sticky, and an unopened bottle will better stand up to vigorous scrubbing.

2. Fill one of the bottles two-thirds of the way full.

3. At this time, you can add food coloring, confetti, glitter, a couple drops of oil or soap or small items like foam balls. All will give the tornado a little more excitement.

4. Attach the bottle connector to the filled bottle and then connect the empty one on top. Make sure the fit is very snug.

6. Once the connection is secure, flip the full bottle to the top, swirl it in a circular motion and get ready for happy squeals. The centripetal force will create a tornado as the top bottle empties into the bottom bottle.

It’s so simple, but my children are enamored. They love spinning it and watching the tornado; it keeps their attention for quite some time. So gather the materials and make one for yourself—the fun is just waiting for you.

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