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Emily P.'s LEGO® DUPLO® Review


My daughter, Ramona, just turned 2. For her birthday in mid-July, I bought her the LEGO® DUPLO® Starter Building Set (#10561). She loved the bricks, but most of her building consisted of stacking one tall tower with the two by four bricks. Then she would knock down whatever her father built up.

When we received the LEGO® DUPLO® Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky set (#10514), Ramona was ecstatic. She seemed very interested in it once her father set it up for her. She was more interested in this set than the other, more basic set she already had. She loves moving around the two mini-figures, opening and closing the ship’s window, putting various items in the treasure box (especially the parrot), and shooting the cannon balls. She picked up on the cannon ball shooting fast! She tends to slowly dismantle the two scenes and moves pieces around to see where else they can fit. She still loves to stack tall towers, too.

I think it’s helpful that the toy is clearly a pirate ship and an island. When it’s less clear what specific DUPLO bricks build, it is harder to use. This is because she doesn’t yet understand how to build things. She can only stack. This set seems to take away that limitation. The more complicated sets will probably come in handy as her imagination grows, though.

What I like most about these products is the interest she shows in them and how their simplicity doesn't detract from the fun nature of the designs. It’s easy to construct and easy to tuck away when we’re done playing with it. As there aren’t a billion pieces, nothing has gotten lost, too!

To buy: LEGO, $40

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