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Toddler Talk: Cute Winter Clothes

We are getting to the middle of November and the temperature has steadily decreased. It's officially cold. However, I'm still slow to accept it. I don't want to admit winter is right around the corner. And while I am slow, my children downright ignore the chill. I can hardly get a hat on them, let alone a zipped-up coat.

It got me thinking that if I snagged a few new winter items—really good-looking pieces—maybe then they will follow my instructions without complaints. Here's to hoping, right? I searched for must-have winter items to fit the littlest littles and the ones who aren't so little anymore.


Crochet Baby Lamb Hat. I'm not sure what it is about the addition of ears that makes a hat so darling, but it just does. To buy: WolleStudio, $23

Bear Pom-Pom Hat. It happens even when the ears are merely perfectly placed pom-poms. To buy: Gap, $20.

Faux Fur Hat. The chicest little ladies should don this faux fur beauty. With this accessory, who wants the snow to ever leave? To buy: Gap, $20

Fur Trim Flannel Hat. Logging tools are not needed for this manly cap. To buy: Gap, $23

Dragon Fleece Hat. I just love animal faces on hats, and my children sure do, too. To buy: H&M, $7

Knit Hat With Pom-Pom. I do love the classic accessories, too. Gray with a simple pom-pom on top. To buy: H&M, $10


Ski Pants. I could have used pants like this when I was little. That under-the-foot-strap would have kept a lot of snow out of my boots! H&M, $35

Jacket and Pants Set for Baby. A gray snow set! If you look closely, the top is covered with little snow animal friends. To buy: H&M, $50

Christmas Pajamas. I couldn't leave these out because winter pajamas are one of my favorite things. These warm, snugly sets will keep your little ones warm during the cold months of the year. The prints are always so fun. To buy: Hello Dear Kids, $24


Fleece Polka Dot Mittens. Not only are the dots darling, but the knit edge will cinch around little wrists to keep them in place and keep the snow out! To buy: Gap, $10

Paw Mittens. I really want a pair like this for myself, but I know they are much cuter on smaller hands. To buy: Gap, $13

Handmade Wool Mittens. Again with the classic look. For my forgetful children, I would make sure these beauties were permanently clipped to their coats. To buy: Annie's Mittens and More, $15


Bright Snow Boots. The snow boots of my youth were always neutral colored. What I would've given for these bright ones! To buy: Zappos, $75

Polka Bot Boots With Fur Trim. Or polka dots and fur! Again, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! To buy: Zappos, $65

Neon Boots. Maybe your little one likes to bury himself in snow. With these boots, you will know where he is at all times. To buy: Zappos, $60

Hopefully I can find at least a couple items my children will agree to wear to keep warm. However, if I fail and you see a couple of children incredibly undressed for the season, try to remember that their mother really tried.

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