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WATCH: If Parents Threw Toddler-Style Tantrums...

BuzzFeed shows us what adult toddler tantrums would look like

It's pretty amazing how the slightest nuisance can set off toddler tantrums of epic proportions. Not getting the toy they wanted ... having to eat broccoli for dinner ... all pretty rough stuff.

This week, the folks at BuzzFeed started to wonder what adult-sized toddler tantrums would look like, imagining they might have a lot to do with all those un-fun parts of being a grown-up that none of us can stand.

The results? They're pretty comical. Watch as a full-grown woman carries on over everything from paying bills (ugh, those are the WORST) to waking up for work (the sound of your alarm is the saddest sound ever, isn't it?). And let's not forget the massive disappointment of thinking you didn't get soy when you asked for a soy latte.

Man, being a grown-up is a major bummer.

What would you throw a toddler tantrum over?

Image via YouTube/BuzzFeed

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