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Toddler Talk: Busy Fingers Bracelets

Anytime I come across a project or activity that my toddler girls enjoy, I feel the need to share it with everyone. This little beads and pipe cleaners project came together quickly, just as I was trying to think of something fun for them to do. I'm proud to report that they LOVED it.

Ingrid—my youngest—loved feeling the beads fall through her fingers into the bowl, and Adair—my oldest—wanted to make "bracelets" all afternoon long. Best of all, this activity is super cheap to put together and one of the best activities I've found for practicing hand-eye coordination, which is one of the most important fine motor skills for wee ones.

What you need:

pipe cleaners

a variety of beads

The more colorful everything is, the better (as always). Make sure the beads you use have big enough holes for the pipe cleaners to fit through. Most "kid" beads will work just fine. We used a mix of beads we had on hand: some small plastic beads, some heart-shaped pony beads and some wooden alphabet beads. We had fun practicing the alphabet and spelling out words while we were at it. This is a perfect afternoon activity for little ones with busy fingers.

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