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Stacey A.'s LEGO® DUPLO® Review


My girls Neena and Veda are five and a half and three and a half years old and have a blast with their new LEGO® DUPLO® Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky set (#10514). My youngest has been a DUPLO fan since she could pick them up, which was close to 3 years ago. Sometimes she just likes to dump the bricks out of the bucket, but she also likes to sort them by size or by color and see how high she can stack or line them up.

As a parent, I love the freedom of imagination that comes with DUPLO products. There's no one right way to play. I've seen my girls make everything from a flower garden to a racetrack to a safari zoo with their big bucket of DUPLO bricks. They build something different nearly every time they play. This toy gives them the building blocks for learning to tell stories as well as basics for sorting, matching, and counting. They can play with the individual sets to create specific scenes, or they can mix them all together for more elaborate play.

My children love any toy that has small parts they can hold in their hand, but they also love creating art. There's play dough, watercolors, and even crayons, but nothing can compare with the non-messy art of sculpture using DUPLO bricks! With this particular DUPLO set, my five-year-old enjoys showing her younger sister how to "read" the instructions and turning the pile of bricks into Jake's Pirate Ship and island. The girls added a few extra pieces to make sure there was a plank to walk off the ship, so they could take turns shooting the cannon at Captain Hook. (This is a great exercise in eye-hand coordination.) Lots of toys are created for one kid to play at a time, but this one has enough pieces so that two children can easily play together with little to no arguing!

This set tapped into the kids’ early reading skills, eye-hand coordination, following direction, sequencing, and social interaction abilities, creativity and imagination. The set keeps their interest away from the big TV on the wall behind them too. This is great quiet toy to help them wind down before bed.

To buy: LEGO, $40

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